Established in 1972 and continuing now for 52 years, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has been a musical force not only Texas but  throughout the country. STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS began in 1972 with only a few hundred dollars of capital and has grown into a multi-million dollar company. Over the past 52 years, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has promoted nearly every major concert act ranging from AC/DC to SMOOTH JAZZ CHRISTMAS to the SEX PISTOLS. From THE ROLLING STONES, U-2, ERIC CLAPTON, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, SANTANA and BRITNEY SPEARS to STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, BUSH and TOOL to JULIO IGLESIAS, PEPE AGUILAR, and MAÑA. No act is too large or too small. From Classic Rock Artists such as the MOODY BLUES, BOB DYLAN, JACKSON BROWNE, SIMON & GARFUNKEL and JOURNEY to NO DOUBT, matchbox twenty and SHERYL CROW, the Jazz of DAVID SANBORN and the New Age Music of KITARO to the comedy of SINBAD and BILL MAHER. The experience of STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS in promoting shows truly covers the entire spectrum of entertainment.

In an age where corporate takeovers are becoming more and more prevalent, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has remained INDEPENDENT and TRUE to its beliefs from day one to 52 years later with the philosophy – “The Music and The Fans Come First”.

STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has also built its reputation on strong ideals and principles and takes great pride in its community service work.  Over the past 52 years, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has raised over one ($1,000,000.00) million dollars for many needy non-profit organizations, among them Food Banks, Parks Foundations, Katrina Victims, YMCA, various Anti-Drug Abuse Organizations, Homeless Assistance, Play It Again Arkansas, Little Kids Rock and the successful Guns for Tickets Campaign.  Jack Orbin, personally, has received numerous awards over the last few years, including the prestigious Humanitarian Award multiple times.

Behind every successful business is a force, someone who sets standards and inspires associates to that higher level.  Jack Orbin is founder, President and that individual for STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS.  From his involvement in successful anti-drug abuse campaigns, to appearing on national television programs (Today Show, etc.) and national music panels to being an active member of the San Antonio Alamodome Advisory Sub-Committee (appointed by former San Antonio Mayor and H.U.D. Secretary, Henry Cisneros), Jack Orbin prides himself in the extent of his community involvement.  Jack Orbin also was named one of San Antonio’s “Most Influential Top 100 Leaders” in Arts & Entertainment.  In addition, Jack Orbin in 2010 received the prestigious “Entertainment Industry Lifetime Achievement Award” for Philanthropy. This community involvement plus his knowledge and experience in the entertainment business has given STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS that extra edge that allows it to remain strong even during challenging times.

In its now 52 years, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS has become a well-respected promoter throughout the Industry.  Its name, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS, has become synonymous with professionalism, integrity and loyalty.  But STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS, above all else, credits its success to those individuals, agents, managers, band members, civic leaders and, most importantly, the fans, who have displayed the utmost loyalty, ethics and genuine concern for the entertainment business and the music.  To those individuals, STONE CITY ATTRACTIONS owes its entire existence - and the next 52 plus years.